About Monika’s Organics


Monika’s Organics takes pride in producing certified organic fruit and vegetables which are nutritious and chemical free. This is achieved by implementing a holistic approach which links the soil, plants, animals, food, people and the environment. Our team strives to produce real food from ‘my farm to your plate’ to ensure your health and well being.

Organic is –NO chemicals, NO GMO’s, No Hormones, NO Artificial, NO Pesticides, All Natural, Eco-Friendly, High Animal welfare, AND Much Much More !!!! Don’t be fooled by the all the marketing nonsense and confusing food labeling!!! Look for Monika’s Organics brand and feel confident you have certified organic produce.

Monika’s Organics Industry Video.


“I started the farm as a single mum with 2 sons ( Daniel 9yr & Matthew 4yr) in 1999 growing conventional produce while working as a registered nurse. In 2002 I made the decision to start the conversion process to become a certified organic grower. This decision came as the result of becoming aware of the negative impact the use of chemicals may have on my family’s health as well as the damage it may have to the environment. It was a three-year process to convert my farm from conventional into certified organic. This involved the removal of all chemical products and educating myself in a holistic approach and innovative method of farming and production. At the end of this process, I was supplying wholesalers in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. In 2008 I undertook an operational restructure. To ensure market security and increase product affordability to the consumer, we became vertically integrated to partner directly with major supermarkets. We now pack on farm and supply directly to these supermarkets both locally and interstate. We are the first South Australian certified organic farm to achieve this.”

In 2010 we became “certified organic wholesalers “ for South Australia. This came about as a result of a need to have leadership, passion and a true and clear understanding of the requirements to successfully supply this delicate organic market within South Australia. We then had a meeting with Coles Supermarkets to communicate changes in our business and the availability to expand service delivery of other organic produce lines into Coles with a particular focus on “Local “ where possible. This resulted in a very successful partnership and we became one of Cole’s best supplier of certified organic produce in Australia. In 2013 we then partnered with Woolworths Supermarkets to supply certified organic produce into their stores. Woolworths are very excited to partner with Monika’s Organics & support us 100%. Monika’s range of products is distinguished by the ‘Monika’s Organics’ logo. “The Brand you can Trust” “The Brand That Stands for Integrity” Only buy certified organic produce which is recognised by OISCC “Organic Industry Standards & Certification Council”