Online Store & Home Deliveries


Monika’s Organics are now offering a new in house home delivery service to facilitate home deliveries to metro and outer metro Adelaide (Terms and Conditions apply). Check our Facebook posts for any current promotions (link from bottom of this page, or for discounted delivery {free to metro areas}). To view the online range available check out the link above.

Our Packaging

Your order will be placed in a recycled cardboard box. Items will be loose where possible depending on factors such as – dehydration, dirty potatoes and level of delicacy. Items if prepacked will be in recyclable or compostable plastic bags, and compostable or recyclable trays.

Our Integrity – a note from Monika

As Your Farmer Girl, I would like to share with you a few points.

I am very protective of the “Monikas Organics” brand and also the many certified organic framers we are partnered with from all over Australia. I am all about protecting the integrity of the organic brand which means Monika’s Organics is the brand you can trust. This is why I am certified organic with Australia’s largest and most recognised and trusted organics program. Monika’s Organics is the number one leading organic grower, supplier and packhouse in SA. We are accredited by two separate Food Safety programs which ensures hygiene, full traceability and quality of produce items and much more. Organic farmers are passionate about the health of our environment, people, soils and animals. This is why we do what we do, and its not easy. Organic farming principles are all about increasing land diversity with vegetation and soil microbiological activity. Not contaminating soils, rivers, humans and animals with synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, GMO’s and other undesirable inputs.

I say producing food how its meant to be.

“Let Food be thy Medicine” – Hippocrates

I thank you for caring and supporting our organic farmers. Together we are making a difference.